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Having a subscription on your account allows you to upload your own custom poses, rooms, and objects, and gives you perks like bonus sets, "Subscriber only" locations, access to the friend list and away statuses.

Subscriptions are charged a small amount of our currency, called "Deltas," per day. They will charge your account a different amount depending on the subscription level that you choose. This page will include more information about Deltas and what our various different subscription levels we offer.

You can update your subscription level at any time by selecting "My Account" -> "My Subscription" from the dropdown menu on the map. You will not be able to upgrade your subscription unless you already have enough Deltas in your account.

All subscriptions automatically are charged at 12AM CST or as soon as the subscription is upgraded until there are not enough Deltas in the account to cover the costs. Please keep in mind each time you update your account you will be charged, even if you already paid for that day. If you want to hold onto your Deltas, our recommended method is to cancel your subscription temporarily in the evening before your subscription is renewed, then select the new subscription level in the morning.

You may cancel your subscription from the same page you upgraded it from by simply clicking "Free" level again. If you had poses or rooms uploaded, you will be prompted to delete them or upgrade your subscription before using that account again.

Deltas are the basic currency for all of Chatlands, they can be used to purchase subscription perks and are comparable to tokens or tickets at a video-game arcade. You can view your entire Delta transaction history by selecting "My Account" -> "My Deltas" from the dropdown menu on the map.

The official going rate for Deltas is $1 US dollar for every 1.00Δ Delta. However, some users on our forums may sell Deltas for cheaper.

Chatlands is not owned by a company, the server is handled by one person who does not earn an hourly wage for his work on the sites. It costs quite a bit of time and money to keep a server like Chatlands running smoothly, and by implementing a currency like Deltas we can reward users who help contribute to the maintenance of the site.

All transactions are made through Paypal, however you do not need to make a Paypal account to make the purchase, most major credit and debit cards are accepted without one. To purchase Deltas, simply access the map and select "My Account" -> "Buy Deltas" from the dropdown menu. You may also want to check our user marketplace on our forums to see if anyone is selling second-hand Deltas, you can sometimes get a better deal on them this way.

Aside from subscriptions, our forums have an entire market dedicated to selling goods and services, such as art, in exchange for Deltas as well. You may trade Deltas for virtually anything as long as you follow laws of the US (country in which Chatlands is based) and the countries of both the seller and the customer are based.

Yes, you can do this by accessing the map within the chat, and selecting "My Account" -> "Transfer Deltas" from the dropdown menu. Remember, you cannot cancel the transaction once you have approved it, so be sure to check over all your information carefully!

There is no system in place for reselling Deltas back to the site. However, we allow users to sell Deltas between each other and have a marketplace designated for this on our forums. Remember to be careful about who you're working with, because Chatlands has no control over what happens outside of it and may not be able to assist you if you fall victim to a scam. Try to look for users with some sort of reputation or background as they are less likely to be scammers.

If you have a skill and you're willing to exchange your time in return for Deltas, our user marketplace sometimes has users who are looking to spend Deltas on such service. A lot of our users especially are interested in buying creative works like art and writing, feel free to use our marketplace to advertise your skills. Remember, don't ever pester users on our site for Deltas as this is considered bothersome.

If you run out of Deltas while you have custom poses, rooms, or objects in your account, they will still be there waiting for you when you return with a subscription. When you log into an account that has custom art on it but not a high enough subscription, you will be prompted to either upgrade your subscription, transfer those assets to another user, or delete it. Be aware that if you leave your account inactive for over 30 days without logging in with insufficient funds in Deltas, the account will be automatically deleted by the server, removing all of its assets along with it.

Free accounts have access to all the basic features on Velkacis, but cannot upload their own poses or rooms. All members automatically have access to the Mori and Sphinx sets.

This subscription level costs you nothing. Yay!

Basic accounts can have up to 5 custom poses, but cannot upload their own private rooms or objects. They will not see advertisements while on the chat. Eventually, basic accounts and up will also gain access to the Fae set.

This subscription level costs you 0.06Δ Deltas per day, or 1.80Δ per month.

Standard accounts may have up to 10 custom poses, 5 objects, and 1 private room. They have access to the away message feature (!away). Eventually, standard accounts and up will also gain access to the Vampire and Werewolf sets.

This subscription level costs you 0.12Δ Deltas per day, or 3.60Δ per month.

Preferred accounts may have 50 custom poses, 10 objects, and may create up to 10 private rooms. They have access to the friend list, which helps keep track who is online directly from the map. Eventually, preferred accounts and up will also gain access to the Golem and Dryad sets.

This subscription level costs you 0.20Δ Deltas per day, or 6.00Δ per month.

Elite accounts may have up to 150 custom poses, up to 20 custom objects and up to 15 private rooms. Their sniff also shows up as their own web page. Eventually, elite accounts and up will also gain access to the Kirin and Naga sets.

This subscription level costs you 0.25Δ Deltas per day, or 7.50Δ per month.

Ultimate accounts may have a whopping 2,000 custom poses, 50 custom objects and up to 50 private rooms. Their web page does not display advertising. Eventually, ultimate accounts will also gain access to the Wyrm and Seraphim sets.

This subscription level costs you 0.33Δ Deltas per day, or 9.90Δ per month.

No. All payments made through Paypal are one time only and you will never receive a recurring bill from Wunderwood LLC. However, subscriptions are recurring and will drain your Delta bank each day until the balance hits 0. If you are a parent, this would be a good opportunity to teach your child wise spending habits.

Deltas are purchased on an as is basis and Chatlands/Wunderwood LLC does not offer refunds under any circumstances, this includes any bans placed on your account. However if you believe you have had your Deltas stolen (through fraud, theft, etc.), please report it and we will do our best to assist in these situations to prevent loss where we are able. If you have done business throught Paypal and have a dispute, you will need to resolve it through their help center, not Velkacis.

Deltas purchased directly through Chatlands should arrive on your account as soon as the transaction is verified through Paypal. If they do not show up right away, check your Paypal or card statement to see the status of the transaction and make sure it went through. If the payment is not processing, please check with Paypals help center to settle your dispute.

If you believe you are having any kind of billing issue, please file a Problem Ticket so that we may get back to you as soon as possible.