Brief explanation of how Velkacis is run

Rank designates the level of authority a staff member has to act, all ranks are an invaluable asset to the staff.

Subordinates (also known as "users") are the regular users of the chat. They are our most important rank as without them, there is no chat.

Omegas (also known as "helpers") are around to help with the smaller stuff and are generally considered the most servicing of the userbase. If you have any questions about how to do something, it would be best to ask them!

Gammas (also known as "moderators") do most of the policing of the chat and are prepared with the tools to take action, they make up a majority of the staff.

Betas (also known as "head moderators") are team leaders whose job is consisted mainly of holding together their respective teams and departments.

Alphas (also known as "administrators") are here to oversee the entire site direction, including the userbase, the staff, and its development.

Teams designate the area of work in which the staff member specializes, they do not necessarily have to belong to a rank.

The Forum Moderation team keeps track of everything involving the forums, they will be in charge of keeping the forums tidy and healthy.

The Communications team serves as a bridge between the staff and our users, you should let them know if you have any feedback that could be useful for our team.

The Art Review team reviews your art on the chat and would be happy to help if you have questions about uploading your poses, rooms, or objects to the chat.

The Technical Support team resolves any bugs or errors on the site, if you need to report an issue you should get ahold of them.

The Event Committee team is in charge of events, they keep things active and interesting on the site. You can contact them if you have ideas for site events.

What we look for in our staff

Velkacis is only seeking genuinely helpful, friendly, and hard-working people and not people who appear to be fixated on the status that comes with being a staff member. Sometimes we may open nominations or applications if we're particularly short-staffed, in these cases we do interviews to make sure applicants are up to the task.

All of our moderators are required to be 16 or older, with the exception of helpers who only need to be 13 or older. Administrators, on the other hand, must be 18 or older due to the nature of reports that are sometimes handled by them.