General Information

As an artistic community, Velkacis encourages you to create your own experience. With the diverse amount of species we offer, you're able to explore a range of colors and animals. We welcome a variety of different styles, as long as the rules are understood.

What kind of art can I upload to use on Velkacis?

There are three separate uploaders within our chat to upload custom poses, chat rooms, and objects to place in your rooms. Poses function as your avatar within the chat, while rooms are private locations that you can customize with backgrounds and objects.

How do I upload my own art?

To upload your own art, first make sure your subscription level allows it, then go to "Entrance" -> "Poses, Rooms, & Objects" on the map. Please note that uploading your own art requires a subscription, but does not guarantee that you will have your artwork accepted and let on the site.

When can I use my art?

Art must be manually reviewed by our Art staff before it can be used on the chat. We have several people designated for reviewing the art submitted by our users, but it can still take awhile for poses, rooms, and objects to go through the process. A few of the reasons this could be taking awhile include that our art staff members may not have had time to check over everything thoroughly, we may be discussing it ask a team first, or we simply haven't seen it yet. Our staff does not receive notifications when art is uploaded so it can be easy to become distracted and forget to check.

What is Art staff?

Our art review is a team of volunteers who dedicates their time to help you with the uploading process. Their job is to review your uploads to ensure that they meet our standards, not blindly accept them. Some poses might get rejected after you ask an art reviewer to accept it, do not take it out on them as this is considered harassment. If you're confused about why it got rejected, ask someone for help to figure out what can be done to fix it.

Can I ask Art staff to accept my art?

Some sites do not allow you to ask their art staff about your poses and rooms at all, here on Velkacis however we recognize that you are paying for these services and we value your time and money. For this reason, we encourage users to ask how their uploads are coming along, we only ask that you be respectful when doing so.

How do I respectfully ask Art staff to accept my art?

Try asking an art reviewer if the uploader has been checked recently, and if it hasnt, if they have the time to check it or if they will be able to soon. If the staff declines and says they cannot help you at the moment, be understanding. All of our teammates are real people with real lives who are volunteering to do this work, it is not a paying job. Do not spam our staff multiple times to get their attention, once is usually enough.

When is it okay to ask Art staff to review my art?

You dont need to bother an art staffer every time you upload something, right when its uploaded. Try to practice patience by waiting at least a few hours after an upload before asking about it. If the art staff youre asking is not on duty, please dont bother them. If they do not respond, try asking someone else or coming back later when they're active.

What do I do if my art gets rejected?

Everyone makes mistakes so inevitably there is going to come a time where something you upload is going to be rejected. We want a nice looking chat and this means that sometimes we have to reject poses that dont fit our standards. Do not take it out on our staff as this is considered harassment. If you're confused about why it got rejected, ask someone for help to figure out what can be done to fix it! We're here to answer all of your questions to the best of our ability and many of us are willing to walk you through things step by step when you get stuck.

How do I make sure my art gets accepted?

Making art acceptable to be used on our chat is something youre mostly going to have to figure out for yourself, and nothing beats practicing regularly. Here are some resources that can help you learn the basics of creating art for the chat and understand our uploading process. You may want to bookmark them so that they are readily available when you plan to work on your art.

-The service section of our forums is full of people willing to help you fix and clean up poses to make them acceptable for uploading.

-Posepro is a website dedicated to archiving free poses and even sometimes takes request for new ones.

-Pixlr, dA Muro, Sumopaint are both free web applications that require no download, they are pretty simple and work well for beginners.

-GIMP, Krita, and FireAlpaca are free open-source art programs that have all of the same features Photoshop offers. These programs require intermediate knowledge and have downloads.

-Youtube has many great tutorials for beginners.

General Requirements

Providing credit

All uploaded art requires a link back to the original source or a statement from a verified artist, a gallery with a profile such as deviantArt (including, FurAffinity, etc. is enough to verify this. Photobucket and Imgur are not acceptable sources because anyone can upload pictures they found there anonymously.

Stock images

Uploaded art that includes stock images are allowed if the original is public domain, but must be credited when uploading to get through. This can include backgrounds for rooms, textures on poses, or photomanipulations.


We allow fanart of characters, worlds, and symbolism of trademarks such as Nintendo, Disney, Funimation, etc. to be used with credit as poses, rooms, and other graphics, as long as they are not ripped from official artwork or falsely claim to be affiliated with them.


Uploaded art must meet certain standards, for example they should not be such a small resolution that they become blurry when fitted to a full screen. Additionally, art requires a fair amount of detail, such as shading and colouring, to be acceptable.


Animation is permitted as long as it is not flashing or changing too rapidly to the point where it could give another user a seizure.


Art cannot include shocking imagery such as large amounts of blood or gore, and cannot be adult in nature. Hateful, threatening, or sexually suggestive poses are not allowed. This includes raised weapons, gestures, or insults that could offend someone, such as a sign that reads "GTFO noobs," or a gun or spear taking aim at something. We allow a light amount of blood and gore (such as what you could see on wildlife programs or a zombie movie on television), however if it reaches a certain level to where it could be considered shocking or cruel it will not be allowed.

Pose Requirements

File type

Only .GIF and .PNG poses are acceptable. Animated poses are allowed, however they have certain restrictions. The maximum file size is 150 KB (153,600 bytes).


A poses background must be "transparent," meaning it has a see-through background. Some programs (such as Photoshop or GIMP) will allow you to set the transparency, but others (such as MS Paint) will not. If you upload a pose with an opaque background, it will not be acceptable.


All poses require a left and right facing image when uploading, this allows you to "turn around" in a chatroom. You simply have to flip the image horizontally with an art program- it does not need to be redrawn. If your character does not have symmetrical markings, you can change them when mirroring, however if the overall pose is too different it will be rejected.


We judge left and right facing based on which way the body is facing overall, however sometimes if a poses head is facing a different way from the body we will let it through based on whatever the user wants. We do not allow poses to be flipped upside down as if they were walking on air, however there are a few exceptions to this (such as creatures that can float or hang in unusual positions.)


Poses with stray pixels that show up on the outside of your pose or along the edges of the outline, or that are missing colouring within the outline for no apparent reason will be rejected. An easy way to spot loose pixels is by placing the pose on a dark background.


Poses need to be a certain size to be acceptable on Velkacis and should take into consideration the avatar species and how it is posed. Poses must be at least 25 pixels in height and width. They can't be more than 600 pixels in height or in width. Below is a chart that may help you judge.


Poses must be cropped to fit the edges of their outline, but not be cropped too abruptly so that parts of the the pose is missing. There are some exceptions to this, such as flying/floating poses, digging, swimming, or poses that are meant to lay on top of one another.


Acceptable outlines include black outlines, whether thin or medium in size, or dark brown outlines. Unacceptable outlines are very thick, broken, contain loose pixels along the outside of them, or are too bright and don't match the pose whatsoever. Poses may be lineless, but they need to be good quality in order to be accepted.


We do not place aesthetic restrictions on what kind of colours, patterns, or markings your characters have so long as they are within our other rules. That said, colouring is expected to "flow" with the figure of the pose and not be blocked on without regards to the shape.


Poses must have a distinguishable light source to be accepted. Shading does not have to be perfect, however poses with shadow placed randomly without regard to where the light is coming from will be rejected.


We understand that every artist has their own drawing style, however in order to comply with our standards here on Velkacis poses require recognizeable anatomy and proportions. There are several good tutorials on sites such as Youtube and deviantArt.

These types of poses are considered "chibis" or "gags" and would be allowed only in private rooms.


Visual effects such as fleas, shadows, colour fade, smoke, and magical abilities are allowed on poses as long as they are not vulgar or used to harass others. Visual effects that are too overwhelming and require a lot of space will be rejected.


A puzzle pose is when two poses are cut out and separated to include another person. We allow these as long as they are not suggestive and are used appropriately.


Most props are considered acceptable as long as they aren't used to harass or threaten others. You can include pets and other companions in a pose, but not multiple characters that could be achieved with a puzzle pose instead. Additionally, if you include a speech or thought bubbles on a pose it must be small and off to the side, rather than above, as this is where speech bubbles for chatting will go.

Pose categories

The following categories are allowed in all rooms:

Mythical creatures such as dragons, gryphons, unicorns, spirits, monsters, yokai, demons, angels, and other creatures with magical qualities.

Velkacis is mostly meant for mythical creatures, all of our bodyshop sets are listed under this category and all of our rooms allow them without exception. What qualifies as mythical is anything that would be considered too different from real life.

The following categories are also permitted in most public rooms:

Amphibians, aquatic animals, arthropods, avians, bears, canines, felines, humans (anthros will also go under this category unless they are considered mythical), inanimate objects, invertebrates, marsupials, prehistoric animals, primates, reptiles, ungulates, and small woodland animals.

You will find a description of each category in the pose uploader (note: the uploader can only be accessed with a subscription).

The following are allowed in designated private rooms only:

Large props, undead/gore.

The "large prop" category will be used for anything that does not fit the standards of Velkacis, this includes chibi/gag poses. "Undead/gore" will be used for poses that would be considered too gorey for general audiences.

Room Requirements

File type

Your image can be submitted as a GIF, PNG or JPEG, but the file size must be under 512 KB. Any ratio (height and width) is fine because the image is stretched to fit the available space in the browser. To get the best ratio, you should probably be using about 9 x 5 (for example: use a room background picture that is 450 pixels wide and 250 pixels high).


All kinds of sceneries are allowed to be uploaded as rooms; forests, towns, underwater, outer space, and bedrooms are all examples of acceptable scenes. You can upload works in progress as long as they have some basic colours and shapes to give you an idea of what it is.


The shapes of a scene should have at least somewhat recognizeable features and appear put together, regardless of how abstract it is. We advise against heavily using circle and rectangle tools in programs such as MS paint to acheive features such as trees, rocks, etc.


Rooms require some sort of light source, whether its lighting or shading. A room requires some amount of depth and cannot be a flat colour or tiling background, for example.

Object Requirements

File type

Only .GIF and .PNG objects are acceptable. Animated objects are allowed, however they have certain restrictions. The maximum file size is 150 KB (153,600 bytes).


Much like poses, objects must be clean, transparent, and properly sized. Unlike poses however, objects cannot be characters and instead are used to add props or effects to your private room.