An Official Statement from Velkacis' Owner

Hi everyone, Eifie here. As many of you may know, I inherited the graphical chat Velkacis (formerly known as Lupinar) from the previous owner. I've been getting a lot of questions on this subject, understandably, because Lupinar was once a very popular chat. So this section is just a little Q&A done in hopes of clearing up some of the most basic things.

What is Velkacis trying to accomplish?

Velkacis is a project belonging to Eifie, it was conceptualized back in 2013 or so when Ravi (co-owner of the previous chat, Lupinar) came to her about a side project about a chat consisting of shapeshifting werewolves who dwelled in the underworld with their own societies. It was intended to be a deeply engaging world, rich with lore and an interactive storyline, and roleplay would be heavily emphasized.

The name itself, Velkacis, is an alteration of the Latvian word for werewolves "vilkacis," literally meaning "wolf eyes" as an homage and sort of throwback to Wolfhome circa 1999. Velkacis has since expanded into focusing on more than werewolves and including several other races who will be in the spotlight as well. Overall, it is a dark fantasy chat which intends to feature a variety of unique locations and concepts within a lovingly crafted world.

Admittedly, the site owner is a bit of a perfectionist and her ideals for the site are possibly too high. She is trying to create a space that is not only engaging, but also harmonious and safe for all walks of life. Harmfulness within the userbase will not be tolerated and empathy is a virtue held in high regard here, providing a consistent world and theme is only one of our priorities.

What happened to Lupinar?

Lupinar was shut down for a plethora of reasons, which are not my place to comment on. I can say however that rumours which claim it happened due to sole incidents are simply rumours. People who participated before the final closing were probably well aware that there were many issues on both the staff and in the userbase, and it's not the first time it was attempted to be shut down, or even the first time it was planned on being replaced with Velkacis. It was revived a few different times due to overwhelming interest from a userbase who loved it, but in the end there were just too many issues that couldn't be resolved.

Will Velkacis be similar to Lupinar?

No. While Lupinar was a chat dedicated to prehistoric megafauna set in the cenozoic era, Velkacis will be set in the Underworld and have themes of magic and mysticism. They are entirely different concepts, although I certainly aspire to build a place as memorable as Lupinar!

Although Ravi granted me permission to use any of her art from Lupinar for the project, I will mostly be refraining from this for the reason that Velkacis has an entirely different theme and I want to clearly separate the two.

If you are interested in a prehistoric chat, consider checking out Ravi's project, Arkera!

When will Velkacis be open?

There is currently no set date for Velkacis to be open, and I cannot make any guarantees or estimations. Velkacis is a pet project, meaning that while I am still actively pursuing it, it cannot be my main focus at the moment due to other obligations.

You may have noticed that I have not been advertising Velkacis publicly, this is because I do not feel like I have much to show for it yet and don't want to get anyones hopes up until things are more clear and I have a proper development plan.

What progress has been made so far?

You can view the official Trello, here!

There is a lot of lore and setup involved as you can probably see! Right now, I am mostly fixing up the homepage & forums so that we can open those to the public at least and give people who are interested a place to mingle and discuss their interests. This is a slow process for me as I am new to coding and am pretty much just enjoying the novelty of learning new things while I work on Velkacis.

As for the graphical chat, there are major problems that need fixed which I rely on UD for to fix, and I have been waiting on a few specific changes since early 2017. These things are necessary to the opening of the chat and unfortunately out of my control. I have not made very much progress with setting up the chat, rooms, or pose sets, because I do not know if the project will stay on Chatlands and I may end up using a different platform altogether, which could potentially render my work useless if its formatted specifically for Chatlands.

How can I help?

I am currently NOT looking for help in any form, in either art or moderating. Velkacis is too early in development for me to have a good sense of direction in how to manage these things yet. I would feel extremely guilty if I assembled a staff or development team and accepted their contributions only to neglect them, which could very easily happen. This is something to look forward to in the future!

Can I join early?

Sorry, but the answer is no. The reason again being that this would require moderation and I'm not prepared to commit to this until other things are more smoothed out.

Thank you sincerely for your interest!