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December 6th, 2017, 4:19 am

Check out this months featured creator on the Marketplace!

Every month we select a creator which we then display on our Marketplace (found by clicking the "Market" button under the quick links), these are people who have contributed art, writing, videos, or something else entirely- and helped us grow as a community! This is a mutually beneficial system, content creators provide their time creating something for our site, and in return they are given a special placement on our site. Their status, website, and about section will be visible in the marketplace, which helps promote their work and potentially find customers!

How can I become a featured creator you may be wondering? Well, simply by being involved! Sharing your Velkacis fanwork around the site is a good place to start. Getting directly involved with art and writing prompts, contests, giveaways, and events can also get you featured. We do have a few requirements however, so listen carefully... First of all we do not feature creators for endeavors unrelated to Velkacis- they should be community oriented and probably stay true to the theme and lore of the site (although they do not have to be technicially 'canon'). Secondly, we do not take kindly to members being unfair, attempting to cheat, beg, or otherwise strongarm your way into this status will disqualify you.

All of the creators we feature are selected by our own staff, but this doesn't mean we aren't open to suggestions from our userbase. You can message any member of our staff if you'd like to nominate someone you think is deserving of the title!