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NOTICE: This contact form is a direct line to the site owner and should only be used in severe situations or where nobody else is present or able to help. Please see our FAQs to see if your question has already been answered. If you still have a question, comment, or other concern, please instead try reaching out to one of our Staff members beforehand.

Who to Contact

Please understand that although our entire Staff is equipped to handle all sorts of issues, each of their abilities are inherently suited to their roles and the kind of work they do. For that reason, you can contact an Alpha or Beta for any questions/feedback you have, but they may not be able to get to your request right away due to their workload. Similarly, you can contact a Gamma or Helper if an issue is actively taking place on Velkacis and a Beta is not present, however support may be limited.


Guides (otherwise known as "Ω Omegas or Helpers" on the chat) are around keep users happy by interacting with them and keeping them company, and are generally considered the most personable. Please contact them if you have questions or feedback, or are new here and simply want to be shown around.

Archivists (otherwise known as "Γ Gammas" on the chat) are our organization specialists, they generally will not deal with the users directly as much working with information and fielding feedback. Most of their work is behind the scenes, but you can contact them if you are having trouble finding something.

Peacekeepers (otherwise known as "β Betas" on the chat) are here to resolve conflicts which occur on the site and uphold the rules, they are equipped with tools to protect the userbase and respond to most of our reports. Get in touch with them if you are having trouble with another user or group.

Overseers (otherwise known as "α Alphas" on the chat) are here to conduct the site's direction, including the Staff, the userbase, and the site's development as a whole. They are in charge of managing Problem Tickets but can also be contacted if you are having an issue with a staff member.


The Forum Moderation team keeps track of everything involving the forums, they will be in charge of keeping the forums tidy and healthy and can help you move or lock a topic.

The Communications team serves as a bridge between the Staff and our users, they will respond to feedback and concerns voiced by the userbase.

The Art Review team reviews your art on the chat and would be happy to help if you have questions about uploading your poses, rooms, or objects to the chat.

The Technical Support team resolves any bugs or errors on the site, if you need to report a technical issue with the system you should get ahold of them.

The Event Committee team is in charge of events, they keep things active and interesting on the site. You should contact them if you have questions about an event.


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