These are our board rules which cover all of our forums and subforums.

Although they lend themself heavily to other parts of our site, they will not cover everything required while on Velkacis.

For our chat rules, please see the main Rules & Guidelines.

Board Rules

These rules apply to all sections of our forums, including avatars and signatures, profile fields, and even usernames. Our website is provided as is, meaning we do not offer protection, in the form of warranties or refunds, for any loss of art, information, status, or currency that may occur while using it's location= even in the event of an account suspension.

1. Your Account

  1. You are permitted one forum account per person. Users may change their username as much as they like as long as they are appropriate. If desired you may also delete one account in favour of a new one.
  2. Your account is your responsibility meaning you will be held responsible for any actions taken on your account, regardless of who was using it. You should never give out your password or let someone else use your account for any reason.

2. Rating

  1. All areas of our forum are considered to be PG-13 with the exception of our "All ages" location. Anything which is deemed inappropriate will be removed from the board and may result in a warning.
  2. This includes discussion about or depictions of dangerous weapons or substances, such as drugs and alcohol, explicit subjects including nudity and sex. Swearing usually will not be monitored unless it reaches a certain level of vulgarity.

3. Content Warnings

  1. We enforce content warnings on the forum in all of our locations for anything that might be particularly sensitive or disturbing to our users. You can use the "warning" and "spoiler" tags to achieve this.

4. Roleplaying

  1. Roleplaying is allowed, but for extended roleplaying sessions we ask our users to remain in the designated roleplaying section.

5. Harrassment

6. Threats