Rules and Guidelines

By participating in Velkacis, you are agreeing to follow the site conduct while making use of the platform provided by everything under the domain of and Our rules exist for the sake of maintaining an enjoyable atmosphere for everybody, this means the rules are in place to address behaviour that interferes with quality rather than to define "bad" behaviour.

Staff Responsibility

The chat is managed by a group of volunteers known as staff. It is their duty to patrol the rooms as well as provide the services necessary to keep the website running smoothly. Members of the staff do general tasks depending on their rank and team, such as policing the chat, processing avatars, and handling customer issues concerning Velkacis only. It is the responsibility of the individual to monitor their own affairs, not our staffs- we are just here to prevent situations that would be harmful the sites atmosphere or its users. Members of our staff are NOT required to remove someone from a situation just because it is reported, but are expected to take action when a situation calls for it.

Account Suspension

When a rule or guideline is broken, the user may be suspended from accessing Velkacis for any period of time. However, appeals against account suspension may be made through the Problem Ticket feature on our homepage. Our staff is trained to look into details of a situation before taking serious action such as kicking or suspension, so attempts to deceive or confuse will be met with a heavier sentence. We are not obligated for refunding any lost deltas, art, information, or status, that may occur when a suspension is placed- including suspensions that are perceived as wrongful.

Reporting an Issue

You can use one of two options to report an issue. If it were a bug or glitch hindrance, the preference would be to use the "Problem Ticket" form on the front page. Problem Tickets are also useful to appeal bans or report users when faculty and staff are not available. The second option is to report within the actual chat via the Report button. When reporting behavior problems on the chat please use the report button. Save any conversations that can be used as evidence and PM them to the staff member that you called as soon as possible. If you fail to save chatlogs, the Alphas can look them up for you by letting them know the room name, users involved, and an estimation of the timeframe. Failure to determine any evidence may result in a false report and can get you in trouble in some cases.

Account Responsibility

"My sibling did it!" is not an excusable reason to lift a ban once it has been placed. You are responsible for the actions on your account. Preferably, do not share your information with anyone to avoid this mistake from happening (this applies to both relatives and friends). Take precautions such as locking your account through the command (!lock) if you are going to be away from your computer at any time during chat usage.

Multiple Accounts

You are permitted to have more than one account as long as they are used separately. Refrain from having more than one account in the same public room at once. We do understand that members using the same IP may have different computers in which they access Velkacis; staff members will try to recognize these individuals before removing extra accounts.


Roleplaying on Velkacis is always welcome so long as it is not done to harass users. We do not get involved users roleplays so long as they follow our other rules, this means that they keep subjects in rooms with their appropriate ratings or are kept in private.

Profile Content

Profiles, or otherwise known as sniffs, should not contain material that disturb any of these rules. If your sniff contains 13+ material, a warning should be advised in bold lettering. Any Chatlands user is capable of viewing your information, so a stricter rule is currently understood to protect users outside of Velkacis from distress. Most profiles that pronounce a clear warning will be ignored, unless the content is unusually disturbing or upsetting.

Private Locations

Private rooms do not adhere to most of the rules listed on this page. Their owners are responsible for managing them and not the staff, so entering private rooms is done at your own discretion. The only times a staff member will assess a problem in a private room are in serious instances that include targeted harassment and abuse, attempts to exploit or sabotage the site and its userbase, threats of violence towards ones self or others, or propositioning of a minor.

Ignoring or Blocking

This option is always available to you, and does not have to be treated as a permanent solution. If you would like to remove a user from sight, type "!ignore username" for an instant result. Neither party will be able to view each other until the ignore is lifted. Attempting to get around being ignored by using another username is prohibited and will result in a suspension of that account if the user continues to harass the user that ignored them.

Problems Off-site

Velkacis yields to take responsibility for anything that happens off of the website, unless there is evidence that illegal activity is stemming from Velkacis. In these situations, solid proof of identities needs to be prepared for the staff member resolving the issue. If you are in an unsafe situation and unsure what to do, please contact the proper authorities, such as police or other protective services. Our staff has no power outside of Velkacis and may not be able to help you there.

Disturbing the Peace

This section covers anything that could be considered causing a scene or disrupting other users experiences with the chat. Depending on the severity of the situation, users will usually only receive a warning, but if the behaviour continues account suspensions may occur.

Spamming & Flooding

Spamming is the act of repeatedly typing a word or link, entering a long string of nonsense or excessively typing in caps. Not all spam is intolerable, but when asked to stop by a staff member it is necessary for the user to abide. Flooding is disrupting the entire chat with the use of spam. Breaking the scrolls original function and overflowing the chat with spam until it is completely submerged with words are two examples of flooding.

Advertising & Soliciting

Advertising your website, project, art, services etc. or requesting goods and services, such as art, money, help, etc. is fine as long as you are not pestering other individuals or infringing any of our other rules.


Harassment such as putting others down, swearing at others, calling names or using bigoted insults, baiting or attempting to provoke arguments rather than defuse them, and unwanted sexual advances, are considered harmful to the environment and will receive a warning. Employing false identities through alt accounts in order to stir up drama or get around ignore/block features, no matter the reason, is strictly prohibited and perpetrators caught doing this may receive a suspension on their account.

Spreading Rumours

We acknowledge that users are not all going to see eye-to-eye and invariably some amount of gossiping will occur, our staff will usually only intervene when it is happening in a public setting so as not to disturb uninvolved parties. However, making a serious false accusations or employing fraudulent behaviour in an attempt to escalate a situation or damage a persons reputation and make things seem larger and worse than they appear is a form of abuse and will result in punishment.

Refusal to Ignore

We understand and recognize that not everyone wishes to use the ignore feature, however that is a decision the user them self is responsible for. Users who do not utilize the ignore feature provided for them are still expected to manage themselves and refrain from bickering or they will be removed. If you engage in a fight, you will be held responsible for your actions regardless of how the situation was started. Actions define your character and not the words of others, so you should feel free to just move on and leave it to the staff to defuse the situation.

Drugs & Alcohol

It is at your discretion whether you are at a functional level that is acceptable to use the chat; however if we deem your actions reach an inappropriate level you may. You are still responsible for your actions whether sober, drunk, or high.


"Minimod" is slang term that defines a member who acts as if they are a moderator, but does not possess the basic competence a staff member would, therefore is ineffective and may prevent real resolutions to the issue. It is asked that users do not warn others that a staff member is being called or threaten others that they are going to be banned, but to simply make others aware of the rules if need be, and call a staff member through the ideal anonymity offered to you. This allows the staff member is able to handle the issue correctly without obstruction.

Undermining Staff

Subverting the members of our staff is taken very seriously, this includes ignoring or acting out against staff members when they are attempting to address a situation. We have zero tolerance for members who are disobedient towards staff members, and this behaviour will result in being kicked or possibly suspended. If you feel you have been wronged by a staff member, you should submit a Problem Ticket for one of the Alphas to address. If you cannot accept the final decision of the leaders, it is best for you to avoid Velkacis altogether.

Misuse of the Report System

Please refrain from hassling an administrator to review your pose, suspend another user, or release classified information, this includes troubling an administrator with "false howls" as well. Use the report button for serious matters only and do not abuse it. The investigation of wrongdoing by any users on Velkacis is done by the staff, and the staff alone. Our staff is trained to check the logs of an incident before taking action, so attempting to sway the results of an investigation by tormenting a user on to get a rise out of them or cutting unfavourable context out of chatlogs sent to a staff member will not go unnoticed.

Serious Offenses

Actions covered by this section and held in serious regard and will not be excused. Users found guilty of involving themselves in these situations will have a suspension placed on their account, and in extreme cases be reported to higher authorities.

Privacy Infringement

Releasing of a users sensitive personal information without their consent is considered against our rules of privacy no matter the reason, and is punishable offense regardless if it was done in a private or public room. This includes filming and screen-capturing with the intent of publicly sharing it. If you are going to take a photo, screenshot, or video recording, please get the permission of others in the area or edit them out of the final product entirely.

Hacking Threats

Threatening to hack or taking action, whether it is Velkacis or another users account, will have an immediate suspension on the perpetrators account. We maintain a zero tolerance policy on this!

Physical Threats

The administration acknowledges that sometimes this is done in a joking, or role-playing manner, and thus this situation is not always taken very seriously. However, if we suspect serious threat is on the individual, action may be taken to ensure the safety of this individual. This includes threatening to harm yourself or others around you. If you are struggling with suicidal or homicidal thoughts please seek help from appropriate authorities, our staff can provide an email known as a "Help gram" to help you or someone you know find more resources.

Hate Speech & Propaganda

Inappropriate, derogatory, or hurtful words or actions towards another orientation, racial group, political affiliation, etc. are never allowed. Users found promoting death or harm of any groups or individuals will be handled seriously. Symbolism and propaganda such as Nazi/KKK uniform and gestures, and confederate flags are strictly forbidden because of their association with fascist movement. Culturally and religiously important symbolism such as hijab, swastika, crucifix, star of david, warbonnets, and the likes will be permitted so long as they are done respectfully.

Pornography & Shock sites

Most links are a systematical permanent ban and will not be issued by an administrator. Post links containing porn will receive a permanent ban whether or not it is recorded in the system or not. "Tasteful nudity" will not be insisted this way; it is still a punishable act, however. Shock sites are designed to highly disturb or frighten a user. These include sites that include graphic or disturbing content, play loud sound-effects or music automatically, have pop-ups meant to frighten the viewer, or disrupt your browser and seem like viruses, causing the user to close all windows in an attempt to stop it. These sites may cause seizures in some users or even panic attacks.


This refers to the explicit roleplay of a sexual nature, it does not refer to implications of intercourse however. Although not heavily monitored, cybering is not allowed if it takes place in a public room or in the presence of underage users (even if it is in whisper!). Private rooms offer the option to password protect your room, this should be done to avoid someone accidentally walking in. We advise you to use these precautions, don't risk getting in trouble over this, the consequences may be severe and carelessness is no excuse. Users below the age of 18 found engaging in cybering with anyone of any age will have their parents or legal guardians notified and will have their accounts suspended until they reach a higher age. This is not only out of legal obligation, but safety as well.

Propositioning Minors

Velkacis is a US-based site, therefore we accede that the age of consent is 18 and nothing below it. Users above the age of 18 caught knowingly encouraging a minor to engage in sexual acts, substance abuse, or otherwise illegal/harmful activities will face instant consequences; culprits will be permanently suspended from Chatlands if caught committing this crime and further legal action will be sought after. We have a strict zero-tolerance rule for this.

Illegal Sales

This refers to the intent to buy or sell illegal parts, substances, services, or the likes. This also includes attempting to use Velkacis as a platform to make sales against another sites TOS (such as Neopets, IMVU, Gaiaonline, etc.).

Abusive Behaviour

The safety of our userbase is important to us. Those caught attempting to exploit other users, either by extorting them, attempting to control them, or encouraging them to harm themselves or others will be banned, and in situations where it endangers a persons, may be reported to proper authorities.

Impersonation and Fraud

Fraudulent activity includes impersonation, falsifying one's identity for the purpose of personal gain, evasion, or tormenting another, and failure to complete transactions (such as art, trades, sales, etc.). Velkacis is not responsible for the actions of frauds and unfortunately cannot provide refunds on behalf of them, however we do not tolerate Velkacis being used as a platform for these activities.

Intellectual Property Theft

Users on Velkacis found tracing or stealing others artwork for their own personal gain will find themselves in trouble with our staff. We do not monitor the designs of characters as much as the official art associated with it. We allow fanart of characters, worlds, and symbolism of trademarks such as Nintendo, Disney, Funimation, etc. to be used with credit as poses, rooms, and other graphics, as long as they are not ripped from official artwork.

Rating Clarification

Velkacis offers a variety of locations for different agegroups to enjoy. Depending on the rating of the room, content restrictions may vary. If you are a parent, remember to talk to your children about internet safety and set some ground rules if you're going to allow them to use websites like Velkacis.

Age Restricted Content

We DO check the ages of users who are visiting our age restricted rooms, and if it comes to our attention that a user is under the permitted age of a room that they are in, they will be removed from the room. Faking your age in order to evade this will result in the suspension of your account as well and you will be required to make a new account with the accurate birthdate before being let back on the site.


The Children's Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA) is a law created to protect children under 13. This means that as long as we are providing access for users below the age of 13, we must first receive consent from their parents or legal guardian. This is done through our signup process and requires a digital signature for our records. If you are a parent of a child under the age of 13 and would like to allow your child onto Velkacis, you can click the "Join" button at the top of this page and follow the steps included.

All Age Areas

Velkacis was mostly created with teens and young adults in mind, however we do offer a few locations for users who do not meet this criteria. This rating means that adult subjects and vulgar languages are not allowed. Graphic subjects and depictions such as nudity, sex, physical violence, or drugs and alcohol, are strictly prohibited.

13+ Areas

A majority of the public locations offered by Velkacis are meant for this age-group. Swearing will not be monitored in these rooms unless they are directed at users or groups of people. When it comes to graphic content, we follow the same guidelines as what would be acceptable in an art museum, nature program on television, or the plot of a Disney movie. The implication of killing in a roleplay for example would be fine, but describing the process is not. The discussion of drugs and alcohol is still not allowed. Nudity is still prohibited, but posting a picture of fine art that includes breasts in a strictly non-sexual way, such as nursing, anatomical, or artistic, for educational purposes usually won't be punished.

16+ Areas

These areas are provided as an in between for users who aren't quite adults yet, but don't wish to be limited by the restrictions of rooms intended for younger audiences. When it comes to graphic content in these locations, we follow the same guidelines as what would be acceptable in a rated T videogame. Nudity should be censored for the most part, however breasts are allowed if they are depicted in a strictly non-sexual way, such as nursing, anatomical, or artistic. Any nude images that are sexually suggestive or uncomfortable in nature are still prohibited. Discussion of sexual behaviours for education purposes is allowed as long as it does not go into detail about the process.

18+ Areas

These areas are more lenient in that they allow mature subjects can come up in, but should not be viewed as a place to exhibit adult acts or share adult content. The discussion of drugs and alcohol is tolerated so long as it is educational and you are not discussing using the drug illegally. Nudity and discussion of sex will be allowed and can be suggestive in nature, as long as it is not reach a point of vulgarity, e.g. "cybering" or depicting sexual acts. Talk of sexual preferences is allowed as long as it does not promote any illegal or questionable content.


Please note that these rules may be updated as time goes on. All changes will be reflected on this page. By agreeing to abide by these rules upon registration, you are responsible for also abiding by any changes made to the rules.

If you are at all confused by these rules, feel free to ask a member of the staff! Clarification is the best way to avoid issues in the future.